saving the old elements

Retrofitting, sustainability concerns and preserving any heritage, or attempting conservation of any kind and all of that can be seen in more recently executed buildings that we design. One such is the lantern hotel, which is located in the centre of china town of Kuala Lumpur, and the other the Boh Visitor Centre, a building that’s not really heritage but rather one which is placed amidst an old part of Pahang State town of Sungei Palas, which is strategically poised on a 100 year old tea slope, and engaging what is the real ethos and genealogy of the place by using wood taken from the forest for the wall details. Some of these tea are as old as fifty to sixty years, some older. They are recycled in the face. Using the wood in the right way, and providing proper protection and connections is key, and as we have seen, the practical use of old clay bricks and the essential reference to traditionally old techniques of construction, with no hurrying, without any need for shortcuts and no slip shot detailing gives the essential aura and psyche to the building as a whole, a fundamental precursor to the process of saving the old from decay and oblivion. Conservation is one thing but knowing precisely what to keep and to retain for the new building and what to add to the existing design is an expertise we are learning to do. the Lantern hotel is ready in August 2014, and the Boh Visitor Centre was already open since 2005. refer to website zlgdesign



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