ceiling geometry

The ceiling geometry echoes almost exactly the aesthetics of the keel of a boat, albeit with some geometrical reinterpretation, adding modernity. True to the older tradition of boat building, we secured the workmanship to its finest, enabling the correct expression, with good woodwork, and we have also refrained from adding too much colour and frivolous decoration to what is already a work of art with regards to working in wood. We try to keep everything simple, direct and raw, at least in terms of the finishing, wood is not quite surprising, it looks very good unpainted nor adorned. It is worth to note, however, that the form can be totally simple and yet its representation and interpretation of it can be so powerful when we discuss work issues, practicality and materiality.

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20121125-021718 AM.jpg


One thought on “ceiling geometry

  1. the restaurant is now enjoying public access, it was closed for the monsoon cup for three months after the event..Jackie Chan apparently made it there, and we are very pleased.

    much of the other buildings are in progress with renovations and works, we hope this will soon come to look as good as the chalets..and this restaurant, which has enjoyed tremendous support ad finance and also quality workmanship


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